Moving on to other adventures!

Due to COVID-19 government restrictions, Fort Collins Tours has closed down permanently

Fort Collins Tours was a family owned and operated tour guide business located in Fort Collins, Colorado from 2011 to 2020. Our mission was to provide expertly guided adventures within Colorado’s Front Range that were safe, fun, and educational.

Our most popular offerings were our “ghost tours”. Other tours were related to Fort Collins’ many food establishments, historical tours, and various other specialty tours. We were truly fortunate to work with many different guides over the years that lent their talent, knowledge, energy, and passion to making our tours a popular activity for locals and tourists. Each one of our guides has been special and important to the success that we had in our 9 years of business. In that time, we gave hundreds of tours to thousands of people. We had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people along the way, including the businesses that we worked with and the people that we had the privilege to provide tours to.

Like most businesses, our business was impacted by the COVID-19 government restrictions. Many of our stops were at business locations that had to be shut down. Government restrictions made some of our routine stops impractical or impossible to visit. During this time, each of us had to make some difficult decisions related to our individual future paths. In the end, we agreed that it was time to close shop.

We would like to thank all the tour guides and businesses that worked with Fort Collins Tours over the years, and all the people that attended our tours. We wish everyone the best of luck in their future adventures!