About Us

Lori Juszak

Lori founded the Fort Collins Tours as a traditional history tour company. As she began talking to the local shop owners, she quickly learned that Fort Collins, specifically Old Town Square, has a deep connection to the paranormal. She did what any sane person would do. She began sharing those paranormal experiences with others. Pretty soon, she was leading small ghost tours, which turned into big ghost tours. She added some crew members and viola. The rest is history.

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Ghost of Fort Collins

After years of collecting ghost stories, Lori has organized those experiences into a book. You can find the Ghosts of Fort Collins in Old Town at the Firehouse bookstore. You can also find the Ghosts of Fort Collins on Amazon.

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Meet Our Guides

Many of our guides have been giving tours in Fort Collins that predate our tour company (which started in 2011). Each of our guides has a unique background and their own individual way of presenting stories. Each tour guide tends to have their favorite places to visit and stories to tell. However, they also like to switch things up for variety. With so many sites and stories to tell, no two tours are exactly alike.