Are you considering relocating to Fort Collins? Lori Juszak, owner of Fort Collins Tours, is also the owner of Juszak Realty, a local real estate company that specializes in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. For Fort Collins Tours, Lori heads up new tour development, trains tour guides, and leads many of the tours herself. For Juszak Realty, Lori leads a team of real estate professionals and leverages her unique knowledge and experience in Fort Collins to help prospective home buyers find the perfect neighborhood and home in Fort Collins to fit their interests and lifestyle.

Fort Collins itself is relatively young, with people discovering our community since the 1860s and calling it their new home. In 1864, Fort Collins was founded as an Army outpost (a result of “Camp Collins” relocating from nearby). The Army Fort (adjacent to what is now Old Town) was decommissioned in 1867; the same year the town was platted. In the 1870s the city continued to grow with the establishment of an agricultural colony and the founding of the Colorado Agricultural College. The 1880s followed with new industries and establishments that would help shape the distinctive cultural identity of Fort Collins. The city steadily grew into the early part of the 20th century, followed by a doubling of population in the decade after World War II. Expansion of Colorado State University in the 1960s paved the way for further growth. Today, the streets and paths of Old Town Fort Collins retain their rich cultural and historical identity. There’s a story behind every street, shop, building, and alley. Fort Collins Tours brings these stories alive and takes you to the sites that hold the history and legends of Fort Collins.

Aside from the Old Town historical district, Fort Collins boasts some of the safest and most friendly neighborhoods in the nation. Fort Collins is interwoven with paved multi-use paths that cleverly pass through neighborhoods, parks, schools, and shopping areas. Fort Collins has an incredible array of dining, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife options. Fort Collins is also an outdoor enthusiasts dream; with hundreds of miles of nearby trails, unique geographic features, camprounds, lakes, and rivers. With all there is to do in Fort Collins you might find it surprising how quickly you can find complete solitude on some of the most beautiful trails that you have ever seen, both inside and beyond the city limits. Winter time is magical in Fort Collins, with Old Town illuminated in lights and neighborhoods in near competition to share their festive spirit with decorations and lights. In the first days of spring you will see the footpaths throughout the city come to life with people anxious to enjoy the warming weather. Fort Collins is indeed one of the healthiest communities you will ever find! Perhaps that is because there is so much to do here. Even the hottest summer days are followed by cool and quiet evenings, but the temperatures are generally quite pleasant throughout the summer. And then your back to the most exciting time of year, as the weather cools in fall and the the town once again enters a new cycle of festivities.

Obviously, we’re a little biased about our town! But don’t take our word for it. Fort Collins has received numerous recognitions over the past couple decades related to its services and being a highly desirable place to live. You don’t have to look far to find people that love Fort Collins! Whether you intend to stay or you are just passing through, it’s hard to not fall in love with Fort Collins yourself. If you decide that you want to call Fort Collins your home someday, Juszak Realty can help you on your journey and is happy to answer all of your questions about Fort Collins, moving here, and starting your own legacy as part of the Fort Collins community.

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