Tour Guide & Assistant Positions

Fort Collins Tours hires part time tour guides and assistants year round, with our busier seasons in the summer and fall. Tour guides start as assistants for training. Individuals must be able to lead groups of people, tell stories, and communicate well with other Fort Collins Tours employees. We have several tour formats; including walking tours, horse and buggy tours, tractor pulled wagon tours, and bus tours (we work with local partners for vehicle transportation options and we do not directly hire drivers). Our ghost tours are the most popular tour types; however we also offer several other types of specialty tours (e.g. gourmet tours) throughout the year. We are a family run business and our reputation as a family-oriented business that works well with local business and organizations is our most important asset. We have formed numerous strategic alliances with business and organizations in Fort Collins; both utilizing and promoting the facilities, products, and services they offer. As an employee of Fort Collins Tours, your primary focus is the comfort and entertainment of our customers and maintaining professional relationships with the businesses and organizations that we work with daily. The importance of punctuality cannot be overstated and you will be expected to always be on time for tours, communicate effectively with your supervisor (and promptly if/when any issues ever arises on a tour that you are not certain how to handle), and help ensure that tours progress between stops as planned. As a member of our tour team, you are expected to be logistically savvy, deliver an entertaining presentation, and memorize key stories, facts, and trivia related to Fort Collins. While each tour guide has their own style and presentation, they must be able to work within Fort Collins Tour’s framework for tour delivery to ensure safety, consistency, and quality for our customers. We also encourage individual expression, as well as artistic presentation and delivery as long as we are promoting a safe, entertaining, and memorable experience for our customers.

If you think that you could see yourself leading large groups of tour goers while entertaining, informing, and ensuring timeliness of delivery, please send us your resume and a cover letter expressing the following…

  1. Why you are interested in being a tour guide on the Fort Collins Tours team.
  2. A little bit about your background; especially any experience that you think will be an asset working for Fort Collins Tours.
  3. Your general availability throughout the year. Can you work part time year round? Are there certain days or times you can not work?

Please mail a resume, cover letter, and any references to our office location:

Fort Collins Tours, Inc.
21 Old Town Square, Suite 139B
Fort Collins, CO 80524

If you have any questions or concerns, you can also reach us through the contact form on this website or you can call us at 970-372-1445.

Internships & Projects

To inquire about internships and school projects, please use our contact form. Fort Collins Tours works with students at local colleges on aspects of business development, marketing, and various projects that provide valuable experience.